Which plugin should I use to create theme and page options?

Hello there!

I’m working on WP theme and I wanted to ask which plugin is better for theme options page and for single page options? Can I use Option tree (Looks like it is not supported now), Redux, ACF or should I use default WP Customizer (maybe with Kirki plugin)?


Redux Framework.

Also or option is redux


Thanks for reply! So, I can use Redux both for theme options and for page options, right?

You can use Redux for theme/plugin options as I did. You can add custom page options via PHP coding.

Sorry for late reply, but, can I use Redux both for theme and page options? Also when I tried to generate redux theme here https://build.reduxframework.com/ I found this option

“Also, you will no longer have a settings panel, as you can only use the Customizer for WP.org themes.”

Is it same for themeforest?

You can use Redux for theme options. If you want to add custom options in each page, you need to add “metabox”.

ok, but why I can’t use redux for options in each page? Redux supports them

Just generated redux theme from redux builder, and Envato Theme Check found 128 lines of Warnings and Required, is that ok? I’ve generated redux as “Embed Only”.
Or should I generate it like “required plugin”?