Which plugin is better to use

I was about to start new WordPress theme for Themeforest market place.

Which page builder should be used Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder.

According to the demand. I see that some other marketplace has a trend of Elementor and not WPBakery

What about Themeforest in your opinion? I would like to get views.

Gutenberg and Elementor.

While WPBakery is still rather popular on ThemeForest, it feels bit outdated and most importantly, it is a premium plugin - so if you want to include it, you will have to buy the extended license and you will have to always update your theme with its latest version to please your customers. I would say it is good idea to add support for it, but I wouldn’t include the plugin itself. It is not worth the potential headache (like explaining your customers that WPBakery license is not included) when there are better solutions available (Gutenberg and Elementor).