Which mock-up file is this?

A tablet mockup file has been used for a template at: https://graphicriver.net/item/corporate-ebook/19694346 .

Does anyone know if this is a a mock-up that can be purchased from Graphic River?

Thank you!


hi i guess the best way is to ask the author of this item, i guess he is more likely to tell than any other person - unless the author sees this thread , obviously - from GR, u would be very lucky if the thing sounds familiar to anyone else lol

email him or leave a comment oh that Item… If you are not feeling lucky then try to find “Ebook mock-up” in search section of the GraphicRiver site.

Hi @no10design

Why are you not searching at Graphicriver. Or you can send request to that Item Author hope you will get the absolute answer from the Author.


a friend of mine has a tip otherwise … he is searching for pictures through imgur indeed, looks like u can search for close or similar pictures fron there and most of teh time he could find back some things he had seen thsi way …