Which Microphone is Best for Beginner Artist 🀨



Hi everyone!
I love to create music but I need your help with choosing a microphone
Please can you share your experience about Microphones for vocals

Which Microphone is Best for Beginner Artist on AudioJungle

and also share your thoughts about
Focusrite Scarlett Studio Pack (2nd Gen)
Focusrite Scarlett Solo + AT2020 + Behringer HPX2000

Thanks! :blush: :sweat_smile:


Depends, which style do you want to record?


Pop Electronic type :sob:


Well, maybe the most used micro could be the SM58, but i think Rode NTK or Neumann TLM 102 are a good choice too.


Search for this information on YouTube. there are reviews where explain the difference and conditions of use.


I don’t recommend Scarlett mic, i tried it. Rode NT2-A would be a better choice.


Any one tried AT2020! :cry:


That one needs phantom, no?


Right! AT2020 needs phantom power


Ok, i think i know which one is.

Be careful, itΒ΄s a little bit strident in high frecuencies, so you must eq later.
But for that price is a good choice.
Like others say, try to find some videos in youtube to make an idea.


Thank you very much Manriquedelara
for your opinion :hugs::blush: