Which microphone for video tutorials?

Hello all,

This is a question for the audio guys (and girls).

I’m looking to purchase a microphone to record video tutorials for my upcoming projects. I previously bought a used Blue Yeti USB mic, thinking it would be plug and play without any hassle. Things didn’t work out however, I got really soft volume in my recordings using that mic even when set at maximum gain. Luckily I was able to return it. A lot of Googling and messing around with the settings has led me to the conclusion that a lot of people are having problems with USB mics having low volume on Windows.

So I thought that maybe an XLR microphone would be a good choice in combination with this mixer: behringer XENYX Q802USB. The question however remains, which microphone should I pick? I’m only going to use it to record my voice and occasionally for Skype / gaming. I don’t want to pay for a ridiculously expensive mic, however, I do want decent quality sound and good volume (the Blue Yeti was ridiculously soft).

Which one do you recommend? What are your opinions on the USB mixer I mentioned, and do you have any other suggestions? Also curious to hear what other authors are using to record their video tutorials.

Any advice is appreciated!

Hi there look i think your choices are pretty good i recommend for the microphone the Excelvan BM-800 it is really cheap and it also comes with an anti shock stand!! i think this is the best quality you are going to get with a really low budget!!!
Btw this article explains microphones types so that you can choose the right one for you

hope i’ve been helpful for you !!!