Which lincence for YouTube multiple videos?

Dear All,
I am looking for place where I can buy some background music for my small YouTube (need about 5-10 tracks to use many times).
I found some music tracks here (on audiojungle.net) but I do not understand licence.
I would like to buy one time and use it as many times as I like on my YouTube channel (for different videos).
Could you please tell me which licence will be ok for that?
I see following options: standard, broadcast (1m), music mas reporoduction, Music broadcast (10m), music broadcast & film.


All licenses on Audiojungle are for one end product (in most cases that means one video). There are no licenses that grant you the right to use the music as many times as you like.

If your videos are episodes of a same series, you can then use the music up to 52 times within a year. But other than that, your videos would require a license each.

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Thank you very much for the answer.