Which license to use to add music to a physical device?

just wondering, let’s imagine a company that would like to add demo tunes to show off the audio capabilities of their device. Which kind of license should they choose? And first of all, is it in fact ok for this type of usage?

Also, if the author is BMI… can it be a problem?

Many thanks,

If less than 10 000 physical devices then the standard license is fine. If more, then the Mass Reproduction license would be required.

Regarding BMI or other PROs, the owner of the venue where the devices are being demoed has to make sure PROs requirements have been fulfilled.

Thanks for your answer… hm… the devices can be demoed in many different conditions… it is a bult in “demo mode” that you can activate, so it can be used to convince resellers, customers, can be used in show rooms…
not sure what “PROs” requirements would be in this case… would be probably easier then if the tracks where not registered I guess… (too bad for me… ? )