Which license is bought more often? Fair price for item Help please

Now I have ready adobe XD app ui template, it’s music player. It have 50+ screens (50 light theme, 50 dark theme) 60+ components and full interactive prototype.

Now questions:

  1. What fair price I must set to regular/extended license? I did great work about this app design, but average price of similar items on themeforest is very low for such volume of work.
  2. What license do customers buy most often - regular or extended?
    Thanks a lot

Just a heads up. No one can help you set a price or suggest a price for your work. You will have to research the categories and determine a price yourself. Suggesting prices can be considered as a price setting scheme between authors which is an antitrust violation. More on this via this link .

Making such suggestions is not allowed.

Regular, of course, but it depends on the marketplace and your product. But regulars will always sell more.

Cheers! :fist_right:t2::fist_left:t2: