which license for daily reuse of assets?

Hi, im a freelance videomaker.
I need to create, daily, multiple slideshow of images for a client, these slideshows will have the same music and background (assets) but different pictures(provided by client).

Is there some license that allow using an asset (music and video) multiple time every day for slightly different videos?

My client will gift his customer (normal people, no company or professionist) with one of these slideshows I made. The content of these slideshow are personal/family pictures so no commercial use or anything like that, maybe they could post the video in the social medias.

Any advice?

Hello @stevemaster85 , please take a look at this article β†’ I want to make multiple end products with the same item - how many licenses do I need to buy? – Envato Market Help Center . It explains different types of scenarios and what type of licence you need for each. I believe you will find the answer you’re looking for.

For extra clarifications feel free to send a message to Envato Market Help and Support, they will be more than happy to help you.

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