which license for after effects projects?

Hi, Which music license should I buy, If I use a song/ most likely only part of a song in multiple projects for multiple clients? Thank you


There are no Music license that allow multiple end-clients. This only works for Sound FXs. You will need to get a new license for each client.

The type of license will depends on your client’s use: Standard for most internet uses, broadcast licenses for TV or radio broadcasting, Mass Reproduction for physical or downloadable end-products.

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Hi, @loleq! You need to purchase license for every new client / product.
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What if want to use the music for one client, but for multiple projects? I producing videos for a client that needs the same background music on all the videos. Would the standard license works for this case?



If they are unrelated projects then you still need one license per project.

If the projects are related and are part of a same series, then the series policy kicks in, stating you can use one license for up to 52 episodes and/or a year (whichever comes first).

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Thanks for the quick response!
Just want to make sure that I get it right, when I use the music for 52 episodes (Or a year have passed after the first video with the music published) I can purchase another license for the same track and so on…?
in other words, is this policy a recurring one?


Yes, you could buy one license for “season 1”, then a second license for “season2”. All that is required is that the different videos are indeed part of a same series (theme related, similar format,…)

Great! thanks a lot.

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Hello I get the idea too thanks, is this work for AE projects ?