Which license do I need for a political campaign for online use?

Hi there, this is actually a two part question.

  1. Which license do I need for a non-PRO audio piece that will be used in a campaign video for a local political campaign on Youtube, social media, and the candidates website?
  2. The campaign includes five videos, each of a different topic, but using the same single piece of music. (This was originally one long video that we parsed into five shorter videos). Do I need to buy a license for each video of this one (five video) project?


Hello Matt,

For most Internet uses (such as Youtube, social media and websites) the Standard license is the one you want. Note that the licenses do not discriminate PRO and non-PRO music. If for some reason, you do want to pick specifically non-PRO music, you can use the PRO filter in search.

One video is one end product, so five videos would be five end products and thus require five licenses. However, you may be able to invoke the “series” policy which allows you to use a single track for up to 52 within a single series (per season).

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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