Which licence for Twitch livestream AND YouTube upload?

Hi everyone!
I want to use a audiojungle/envato song every now and then during my twitch livestreams.
If that matters: the song is part of a running gag. I always play it when something is happening thats supposed to be sad but just isnt.

However, when my twitch livestream is done I upload the end product to youtube.

Could you please tell my which licence I need to be fully able to monetize my end product?

Thank you so much!


The standard license i good for both Twitch and Youtube. However, keep in mind that a license is good for one end product only (one video). You cannot use the music over and over again with just one license.

If your videos are part of a series, then you could invoke the series policy and use the music in up to 52 episodes within a year. Otherwise, you would have to get a license for each video the music is used in.

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So you be sure, if we are streaming a weekly show on Youtube live we can use the same music across each show under the standard licence?

If the shows are episodes of a same series, then you can use one license for up to 52 episodes within a year. You’ll need a new license for episodes beyond that.

If the videos are not part of a series, then obviously the policy cannot be applied.

The series policy is a courtesy only available on Audiojungle, not Elements.