Which is better?

Hello friends.
I have designed four home pages and several inner pages. Shall I submit them all together as one item and one name or submit each home page with inner pages with one specific name and as one item?
Which is better?

Even all together that doesnlt sound like close to enough for a complete item but you definitely have no chance just submitting 1 home and some inner pages

I checked a few new items today, one of which had only one home page and totaled 8 pages and was accepted?

you can’t distibute the main item into several items where the design concept are same and inner pages are 100% same. So, just the difference of homepage can’t make item different. So, you should to include all pages into one single item.

Which is better if the inner pages are different?
I have also designed an inner for each home page.

you have to make significant changes so that can be considered as a completely new item that is entirely distinguishable from each item. So that it look and feel as like a totally new Item with new premuim features and functionality. you can’t use same design concepts to create multiple items.

Thank very much!

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