which is better? PayPal or Skrill?

which is better? PayPal or Skrill?

If you mean what is better for withdrawing money from AJ, then PayPal is better because Envato don’t work with Skrill anymore.

PayPal so good yes?

Yes, PayPal is good.

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I prefer Paypal.

PayPal, and actually the one is available of your variants soon

I prefer Paypal


I believe that PayPal better than Skrill.

But PayPal happens take money cash?


Paypal, mate!

But PayPal happens take money cash?

Not entirely sure what you’re asking, but if I withdraw $100 from Envato then I get $100 in my account. And not sure if it’s the same everywhere, but in the UK it’s free to transfer to my bank. The only charges that come into play is when the $100 is converted into some currency other than Dollars. It’s not the cheapest rate, but it’s not too bad… and wherever you change your money they’re going to charge you something… whether you use Paypal, Skrill, Payoneer, the bank, or that little kiosk at the airport.

Okay thank you

Okay thank you

I have paypal and it’s good… :smiley:

I still believe that PayPal is better