Which is best page builder for integration with theme with small budget?



Hi Charlie,

Oh I think you are wrong.
I read some theards that the VC take $180 for extend license for each items you selling in here.
The Beaver and KingComposer has similar price model, just pay $199 for all item.

I hate VC because slow and use old technical.

I am testing the Site Origin, Beaver and KingComposer. very excited with them.



Thank you, I will have a look


Don’t use Site Origin because it requires 100% GPL license for your theme to have. Use Unyson. It is framework but you can use only page builder extension. And you don’t have to change anything with license for your theme.


Oh, that is bad with me.

I will look a round the Beaver and KingComposer.

Many thank you!


If you integrate SiteOrigin plugin as TGM plugin activation, there wont be any issues in licensing, you should not included it in your theme.


That is correct. But still I’d prefer Unyson page builder. Site Origin was never easy for customization for me.

You are correct.

Unyson :+1:


The Unyson has same simple visual as SiteOrigins. I don’t think my customers like them.

Does anyone have any feedback about using simple page builder for great theme?

I guess customer really like modern page builder with visual and more features supported.

I used some themes and I know I need more features when edit content.


In Unyson you can add as many as you wish page builder custom elements. You won’t get better page builder for free.


I keep my eye on various page builder and I believe SiteOrigins is the best solution.
It’s very clear to use, free, has live editor.
Test it, I believe you’ll like it.

I’ve used Visual Composer in last two themes (before we used Aqua Page Builder, but sadly, it’s abbandoned), but had some issues with it + extended licence is too expensive for us and it’s like 90% sure we will switch to SiteOrigins

You are correct.

You can use TGM plugin activation to prompt for SiteOrigin page builder install. No licensing issues then.


As I see King Composer is free if you use only backend.



I used king composer and I really like it. I suggest king composer :slight_smile:


Are you using pro Developer licence ? or just free version ?


Free version has everything which we required and I am using free version :smiley:


Yes, I am using free version :wink:


I think King Composer is good choose for this moment. ( A strong page builder - faster and more feature)

I will use it for next theme.


King Composer looks promising. Just tested it. Are there any more theme authors that use it already?


Hey, do you have some demos theme which you use that plugin?


I prefer Unyson cause we get everything together.
They have tons of extensions which saved lots of times for a developer