Which Industry should I target for Themes?


I’m web developer. I want to create theme for theme-forest but I’m confuse which industry should i target that i can easily sale my theme. Please guide thanks.

Thank you

I’m no theme-wizard, but ‘every industry’ seems to be where the big sellers are. I guess the other option would be to go for an industry that is pretty big, but relatively under-represented on Envato. One of the two.

@SpaceStockFootage Thanks for response :smiley:

I recommend you tackle “industries” that you have some knowledge about or have some affinity towards. It will make you create products that are more attune with those people.

@pixelgrade Thank you so much for suggestion, i’m agreed with you. But I’m web developer and i have knowledge about development and business themes and you know there are thousands of themes are already on themes forest? So what should i do?

I would do this: do you have friends or acquaintances? Probably you do. Think about what they do and maybe you can “use” them as “walls” to smash different ideas against and also to gain insight into the industries they work in. Maybe one of those will feel right.

Themes for: photographers, web agencies, portals, events, SEO providers, for freelancers portfolio, for fashion bloggers, for writer bloggers.

@pixelgrade Yes this is great Idea :grinning: Thanks

@greenline Great Thanks For Response :grinning: