Which formbuilders go with healthflex?

Dear Reader,
Ninja forms is not recommended with healtflex because it conflicts with contact forms, which needed for the template. Can I just delete the contact 7 plugin after installling Healthfle? I want more complex forms. Besides Formcraft, what can I use without conflictict with the theme?
Thanks for your attention!

Is suggest trying Gravity forms otherwise but if you are using ninja or any other then why keep CF7 active (FYI it’s pretty odd for ninja to conflict with CF7)

Thanks Charlie.
Would you prefer Gravity forms over Formidable Formbuilder?

Personally I am a big advocate of Gravity over any others but it’s a personal preference

I want to pay if needed, but i have to build an immage website to solve a big problem and than hope to copy it back to the original site. Formbuilder I paid for, but it is for one site only.

Ah…it is free. Want to try it. Thanks!

The premium version is worth the investment if it work

I loose contact formsbuilders if they do not handle multipl optionce questions well in the layout on mobiles. Contact form can not handle that at all and places text over another.
I’ll give your favorite a try!