Which fonts are popular in 2017 ?

Hello Everyone,

I want to know that i have seen some themes they have used very beautiful fonts so i want to know that how they choose fonts or from where they find beautiful fonts.

also please let me know which fonts are in trend to nowadays.?

Thanks in Advance!

Hi mate !

Font for main site, designer often use google font (https://fonts.google.com), because easy to embed code. The fonts for typography, they usually search at www.dafont.com.
The trend of font depends on the topic. For example, if it’s fashion, then I see the tendency to use “Josefin Sans

Thanks !

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I’m pretty sure we got a few designers to write a blog post about this exact topic…

Found it! https://envato.com/blog/designers-pick-favorite-handwritten-fonts-2017/

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TwentySeventeen WP Theme uses “Libre Franklin” -> https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Libre+Franklin