Which files?

Hello. I’m somewhat of a newbie. I built a website years ago so I have a tiny bit of HTML coding knowledge, but this Wordpress business is new to me.

I’m running the Themeflame Zephyr theme, and there are a couple of changes I’d like to make. I suspect that I’ll have to get into the code in order to make these changes, but the hard part is finding the correct file…which brings me here.

For one, I’d like to make the scroll bar on the sidebar a tad wider. Does anyone know which file I need to go into to adjust this?

The other thing I’d like to change is the “About the Author” widget in the side bar. The author’s name appears twice — once as a full name, then the nickname right below it. It looks lame. I’d like to remove the nickname. I’ve searched through the files and found some bits of code that looked promising. I removed the bits I thought were pertinent (after making a copy of the code), but it did not make any difference. Any thoughts?

Ask the author: http://themeforest.net/item/zephyr-material-design-theme/9865647/support

Okay, thanks!