Which Envato API ticketing system?

Hi guys,
Which ticketing system do you recommend? Envato API integration is important. Curently we are using Awesome Support (WP plugin), but as number of support is growing, we want to move to something better.

I see authors are using:

  • Ticksy
  • Freshdesk
  • Zendesk

Ticksy looks nice and simple, but is it enaugh?
Freshdesk is ugly as crap. But is free and offers customization too.
Zendesk is expensive and bloated.

Which do you recommend?
Are there any other ticket sytems, that I forgot to add to the list?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Helpscout Or FreshDesk! :slight_smile:

Thank you Basilis, will definetly check out Helpscout.

Just a quick update. We decided to go with Ticksy. It seems great.
We’ll see how it works out on the long run.


i wanted try things like helpscout etc but using ticksy for now, it costs money but has almost all the features we want for envato support tickets.

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ticksy has become slow like hell,
each response submission taking more than 2mins

so i am looking for any good alternatives

if anyone come across any good ones, please let me know.

I used HelpScout, it was very nice. They also added a free plan recently (with no branding).

However, if you want to add Envato licensing into it, you’ll need to pay the $20/mo and develop the licensing system yourself (they let you enter an AJAX URL and it will load the data from that URL when you view tickets, and show it in the sidebar).

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isn’t that difficult?

We are also noticing the same problem with Ticksy. It is often slow or down for maintenance. Hope it gets better because our trial period is ending soon and I am not yet ready to sign up.
It’s too bad, because otherwise Ticksy is a great platform. Easy to set up and use.

What are you using now?

Well, you seem to know PHP. Combined with MySQL, you could create your own “submit a ticket” page, and then use HelpScout’s API to submit the ticket there. Then, you can simply give HelpScout a link to a “sidebar.php” file on your website, for example, and they would load this file when you view a ticket.

What I ended up doing was this: the user would submit the ticket from my site, then after submitting the ticket using HelpScout API, I would store their license info in my own database along with the ticket #.

The sidebar.php file would look for the license info from the ticket # and display the license information. No, certainly not the easiest task in the world, and definitely takes some time to set up.

At this time I am using simple email (Gmail) for customer support. I’m developing my own ticket system (but don’t have plans to make this system available to others).

No, it is not difficult at all.
You can use Gravity Forms for example and sync with it, to manage the API validation on the fly

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man… this is annoying
its more than 30 minutes still i can’t reply to even single ticket in ticksy

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We currently use Help Scout and hook into the Envato API to verify customer purchases/support extensions. It’s reasonably priced, you pay per team member, keeps a log of customer requests and so far it’s worked well for us.


You can use our theme integrated with Envato API, and you control yourself, one time payment. you this theme for you mainsite promo your products,…

And we use this for our support system at

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How to integrate Envato API to Help Scout? Have article to this?

@Granth you must custom-code it. Help Scout gives you some tools to make it easier though:

  • The sidebar when reading a ticket can load JSON data from a URL you specify, and display it in the sidebar. It sends the ticket information with the request, allowing you to display license info or any relevant information.
  • They have an API that lets you submit tickets on behalf of customers, add responses, view the ticket history, etc. A full API. The way I used this was I made my own help site and ticket system (PHP) that was built on top of the Help Scout API.
    • When a ticket was submitted from my website, it stored the ticket ID and their license data in the database.
    • Then when I was viewing the ticket, the sidebar would look up ticket ID to match license data, and show it.

Just some tips. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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