Which country has the best music?

Which culture/country has the best traditional music?

Looking for inspiration for a new song, a new sound, and perhaps (hopefully) a new approval. : P

Have no idea but I really love scandinavian/folk/viking music :wink:

For me its the original country music. :slight_smile:

How can you state that a country objectively has better music than another? This question makes no sense!

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Macedonia (formerly part of Yugoslavia)

When the lights come up, and the sound turns on, all geographical and political borders just dissolve. I don’t like to define my music as well as any other. To me, music is pure emotion, something that shows real me. It’s language that can communicate certain emotions and the rhythms cuts across genders, cultures and nationalities. All you need to do is close your eyes and feel those emotions.


I was highly influenced by this artist in my younghood and I still teturn to him from time to time to share joy or sadness… because this is music:

And here is traditional song from my regional location:

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I realy love the sound of the Armenian duduk. Very beautiful and meditative for me :slight_smile:

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Wow!! Thank you so much for these answers! Better ideas than I expected. :smiley:
As for those who say there can’t be an objectively better kind of music… I just figured it’s unnecessary to be particular about it.

Add “in your opinion” to every line, if you’d like. But it goes without saying. Like, if I say Taco Bell is the best fast food, it’s obvious that it’s my opinion and that no one can objectively say Taco Bell is better than Wendy’s. So just imagine the words “in your opinion” after every typed line. : P

Not that your answer could be the opinion of anyone else, or the be-all-end-all answer of the universe, or officially jotted down as the defining answer to all mankind. : P

As for those who posted ideas, I’m already turning the gears! I foresee some inspired tracks coming to my account soon. :smiley: Thanks!!

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Like this?

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Why not? Nice one :smile:

Every nation has its own characteristics :relieved: Watch this video :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

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