Which codes needs to be separated from theme?

Hello guys,

I Wonder what kind of codes/functions need to be separated from theme to a plugin?

I have coded everything in theme but I guess it’s not the proper way.

Hi, make sure to read all these articles:

Hello! I have a few questions if you have time…

Thank you so much, I could’nt find this page before. As far as I can see everything expect “Requirements Part 3 - Theme Plugins” I have already done nicely.

But I really wonder, I’m devoloping a fully featured social media theme with WordPress and it’s about to done.

It has so many custom rest API end points.

All of my like,favorite systems are included in theme. As far as I can see from this article that you sent; I need to seperate all of my

like, favorite, share system
story system,
custom post types and etc. into a plugin.
PM system between users working with rest api

I can understand that but I wonder;

What’s covarage of this? I mean my story system has a lot of styling. Do I have to style it in plugin?

It looks like this:

So do I need to seperate into a plugin everything about this story system?

I uses <template> tag HTML elements almost everywhere and getting this element with javascript and working on this. With a plugin it will be hard to work on it…

And I wonder, is there a problem If I shares development proc. with my community? I mean pictures, screenshots etc.