Which Chair Do You Use?



Hi friends.

I’m looking for some ergonomic chair to use and what best place to explore then here from fellow members. Since common to us all is that we sit a lot I wonder what chairs do you use or which did you used and what are your experiences?



one advice I can give is this, don’t be cheap buy quality one.

I bought cheap one, and ended up breaking it 4-5 times, and replacing almost all parts… costing more than the expensive options in the end.


I totally agree, money is not an issue I’m just looking for some feedbacks from people using some


regarding specific models, you’d rather take a stroll to nearby shop and test them out :slight_smile:


Yes but I wanted to familiar myself with the options since if I get best one in shop which is OK to me maybe there is some even better but I did not know that it exists. :slight_smile:

But will do that also.


one of the best investments you ever do is a good office chair, check out common brands like Topstar or its competitors. what ever… it totally makes no sense spend less than 400-500 bucks. your back will be grateful in 20y for every buck you spend more! otherwise you feel like floating or a king with a super nice office chair :slight_smile:


Anyone have experience with Ergohuman V1 or Ergohuman V2?


I am using a Aeron Chair for the past year because of my back issues. It does cost a bit more(especially since it had to be imported in my country USA => Romania) but worth every penny.
See http://www.hermanmiller.com/products/seating/performance-work-chairs/aeron-chairs.html
Remember that is your health we’re talking about, you don’t put a price on that, as others have said :wink:


Yes of course like I said money is not an issue. Thank you for your feedback