Which category?


I have uploaded many tracks and never been in doubt about which category to choose, but now I have a track that could go in both Jazz and World I think (and maybe others to).

I don’t know how much the category matters with the current search engine, but anyway: which category fits this track best?

Thanks for all opinions!


Tricky one, for sure. I’d say Jazz. Great track by the way!


The track itself is definitely a modern jazz track, crossover or fusion, something like this. But I would upload it to the world category. I think customers who are searching jazz on AJ have in mind traditional swing sound( I think so :slight_smile: , who knows) For my opinion it suits more to the world category( latin) on AJ. Good luck!


Thanks! I was leaning towards World…:slight_smile:


Thanks, thats what I’m thinking to.


I am sorry for offtopic, but couldn’t resist to say that it’s a great piece, @Hyperprod ! I really like it! Not a big fan of jazz but this one has something special!


Very cool track) I can’t tell what category better for it - jazz or world… )


Sure what do I know! Go with your gut. :grin: And the reviewer will probably change it anyway, ha!


:joy: Probably! (If it gets accepted…)


I will avoid the jazz category then, that way people who doesn’t like jazz are able to find it. :wink:

I suspect the category makes very little difference anyway…


Thanks! I will upload as jazz or world then :wink:


Great Composition! Nice Sound! Uniquely Jazz Category! Good Luck!


Amazing work! Composition is great. It would be considered as Jazz category. Good luck with that. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Max-Music and @janxcode_team!
It looks like jazz is in the lead with 4-1.