Which calendar plugin is for me?



I’m looking to integrate a tax calendar, similar to this: http://nptg.com/tax-calendar/

So far, I’ve been lost in the fray. There are TONS of calendar plugins that look awesome, but none that I KNOW will work.

However, I also want to include some functionality not mentioned on any I’ve seen:

  • Must display fairly similarly to this calendar.
  • Be searchable on-page (perhaps with a drop-down menu per state.)
  • Allow visitors to add each “State’s” calendar to their own Google or Outlook calendars. (Similar to RSS.)

If you know of a plugin that can/will work relatively closely, please let me know asap.


Most calendar plugins will target creating a calendar display, rather than the table display you have shown here. The My Calendar Plugin could work (https://wordpress.org/plugins/my-calendar/), but you’d still need some custom development to get everything you want.

For something like simple and straightforward like this, you might be better off with a post category (e.g. tax_calendars) and then create a custom loop for that category in your (child) theme.

As for you last requirement, you’d need some custom javascript (http://keith-wood.name/icalendar.html) that would allow visitors to download a calendar event.

Hope this helps,