Where's the Item Points Table??

Can someone point us to where the Item Points Table for different categories is?
We could only find this https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000424486-What-are-Item-Points- but the points were nowhere to be found.

Why does Envato hide this? We need to know what’s better for us to upload there and we need to know if something’s changed since last time.


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Last year at this time I have also was looking for the table - it is hidden 1+ year.

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The table has been missing for a while now. We’re working because it’s fun! Money doesn’t matter that much.


@BenLeong Hello? We need to check the item points by category! Where can we find them? Thanks

Hi @Odin_Design - sorry for missing this topic earlier.

There have been no changes to Elements Item Points since the Elements product launched. For Graphics, more complex items (Graphic Templates subcategories, then Fonts and Presentation Templates) are weighted more heavily than the Add-Ons and Graphics subcategories. That principle applies to all of the item types - for example, music tracks are weighted more heavily than sound effects.

There was a business request to remove the full detail from the Help Centre. I’m not sure of the full reasons for doing this, but they did regularly generate arguments in support tickets (e.g. some Motion Graphics and Stock Footage authors consistently argued that their content type should be weighted more heavily than the other one).

The only time the points weighting has any real effect is if a customer downloads your items, and also downloads items from another author in a different category. In general, item earnings data is a better guide on what to focus on: there’s no value in creating more items with a higher weighting, if there’s much higher customer demand for your items in a lower-weighted category.

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