Wheres my money my balance was 0.00 ?

I received this email from Envato :
“We wanted to let you know that your payout for earnings up until the end of November 2023 has been calculated.
Your payout will be processed as part of our normal schedule later this month. You will receive an email when your payout has been processed.”
but I didn’t setup any payment method and now my balance is 0.00 please return my money

They are scamming me. Where are my earnings,
they sent this message to me but I didn’t make any payout.
please need from all to help me we should help us.
i sent also to help sender many tickets but no answer ,
my last ticket id #3398613

Take a moment and calm down. Nobody has stolen anything from you. There is an automated system in place and it is working as intended.

Have you configured a payout method at https://author.envato.com/profile/payment?

Even if you haven’t, the system will always initiate the payout process at the end of each month if your balance is $50 or more – that’s just how it works, and it’s not possible to turn that off.

If you don’t configure a payout method before December 14, the payout will ultimately be rejected, and the funds will be returned to your market balance automatically.