Where's my inbox?

Hello, I recently asked a support question about my purchased theme in Theme Forest. The author says I need to check my account inbox. Where do I find the inbox?

Is the author using their own support site? Perhaps they mean you should check that site? Or maybe they mean that you should check your email inbox? Best to ask the author what they mean exactly.


Thanks for your reply KingDog…
Not sure, I was asking a question using the form popping up at this button: https://themeforest.net/item/adventure-tours-wordpress-tourtravel-theme/12781942/support

Do I get a reply to my regular email you think?

Yes it looks like they’re just using email. So if you haven’t received a reply its possible they haven’t sent one yet or you should check your spam folder.




I rarely use the site messaging function but have asked an author a question. I feel like I have looked everywhere twice. Where is the inbox in the Envato interface?

No problem!

I think this link should work - https://forums.envato.com/my/messages

That is your forum inbox but we don’t have one for Market. Maybe they are talking about their own site?

I sent the message through the Envato message box - here is a screen shot. Where will their reply appear?

Hi @ksiwleppik! When they reply, that should go straight to the email address used for your Envato account - there’s no on-site inbox for Market messages.

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Noted. Thanks