Where to Upload on PhotoDune?


can someone explain an envato noob where to upload images?
i see two places for uploading photos on photodune.
one where i have 5000 images limit and one where i have a 200 images limit.

what is the right place to upload images?

the upload process is the least straightforward i have encountered so far.
it looks like envato is scrambled together from 3 different websites.

but maybe it´s just me…

oh wait there is also this where i can upload stuff:

i am on 8 other microstock websites and i normaly get this stuff after 5 minutes but envato puzzles me to be honest.

You cant upload yet.

You cant upload yet.

i can as of today… as you can see in my screenshots above.

i uploaded 3 images on one place and 5 on the other.

and they are processed.

but i want to know what is the difference where i upload.
3 places, 3 choices.

I saw now i can upload, they said the 14th only. You upload to Photodune and it will be forwarded to elements.

You upload to Photodune and it will be forwarded to elements.

i understand that.

but i have 3 places where i can upload (one with a 200 images limit in 30 days, one with a 5000 images limit).

there should be a difference right… or why there are 3 different places to upload?

i guess where i have the 200 images limit i upload directly to envato elements?
and the page with the 5000 images limit is to photodune?

is this completely separate form eachother or can photodune images make it to envato elements?
i come from twenty20 and i have no idea how this works on this platform.

should i upload the highest quality images to envato elements?

i bet i am not the only one coming from twenty20 who is puzzled by this.
this should be communicated better by the envato team.

I agree with you and it is how things should be, but it seems the process is complicated.

I was told several weeks ago to not try and upload until the T20 photographers get an email with instructions. Even if we can see the upload options, we should wait. I’m hoping the email will explain more as it does seem rather confusing.

According to the FAQ, Elements is only for subscription purchases and Photodune (Market) is for individual sales by customers without a subscription. I think we are going to have to upload to each platform (store) based on how we wish to sell our photos. But several current photographers have said Photodune rarely has sales so I plan on focusing on Elements.

It also sounds like maybe they are changing how photos are uploaded since they released a new uploader a few weeks ago. I’ve seen places in the tutorials that make it sound like the process used to be different than what they are implementing now. :woman_shrugging:

Waiting to see if we get clarification from Envato in the email on the 14th.

*** I may be wrong. Others think we are able to upload now and there isn’t another email. *** :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

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I doubt there will be a e mail soon, maybe afterwards. From my videohive experience I upload to videohive and the images pull through to both stores.

thank you

Got the email this morning. :smiley:

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yeah it seems a little bit clearer after the email.
i know where to upload to photodune now (the upload page that shows the 200 images/month limit).

still there are three pages i COULD choose to upload through. :wink:
the page where i uploaded 5 images (5000 images upload limit) i got 5 “hard rejects”.

the other 3 images i uploaded through the page with the 200 image limit were accepted.

Curious to know if you still have 3 options? All my upload links from both Elements and Market (photodune) take me to the same uploader. I wonder if you had 3 options because the transition was still ongoing and now that the email has been sent out, it is complete and you only have 1 option. Sorry for being nosy. I just like knowing how things work and why. :smiley:

i have not checked in detail but at least the interface does not look the same.

if i would code that website i would make one uploader with the options to upload to envato market, photodune and whatever other places exist on envato.

maybe it´s intentional but it feel not like there is one place to get your infos.
i have too look one place for elements earnings and one for photodune earnings.
and i have not even started selling audio, video or 3D models.

Thanks! For me, the Create A New Item doesn’t allow for photos so I haven’t been paying attention to it. The 5000 limit uploader seems to be what was being used before they launched the new current one a month or so ago. I have a feeling some of the links haven’t been removed to it just like there are still some links to the old dashboard. I can still even find a few places where there are links to T20 even though it has been gone for 6 weeks.

My 200 image limit reset overnight. Pretty sure it wasn’t supposed to do that! :joy: