Where to upload Element video to display on website

OK. So I have my subscription to Envato Elements. I’ve downloaded the video I want to use. I don’t want to upload it in my media on my wordpress site, I’d like to upload it somewhere else and from their use it to display on my website (I don’t want to use up m space or bandwidth… and it’s not displaying the .mov file on the site anyways)

  • List item Where can I upload the file? Can I put it on YouTube?

YouTube or Vimeo would be the obvious choices

Am I allowed to put videos I download from Envato Elements, videos I paid for via my subscription, on YouTube? Seems like once I do anyone can use it… if they find it on YouTube.

Am I?

I have read somewhere that it is possible to upload the video I chose from Envato (with paying subscription) on youtube or vimeo to display in my website. I have however now certainty about the copyright. Is it actually possible and is there anything I have to pay attention for copyright?

I hope someone is going to reply soon