Where to submit Cardboard VR apps made in Unity


I am preparing to submit a cardboard VR app template which is obviously an item for the mobile category. However it’s created in Unity3D and practically can be ported on any mobile system (iOs, Android, etc.). I was wondering in which category I can submit it considering the simply mobile is maybe not enough.

Thank you

Hi, you can upload your project in mobile category 2 times, BUT

The first pack you can include unity project + android file, maybe some help document for unity+android changes/publish steps, and then you can choose the mobile->android->games category to submit,

and the second pack you can include inside unity project + ios file, maybe some help document for unity+ios changes/publish steps and then you can choose the mobile->ios->games category to submit again.


Thank you. Had no idea that it’s allowed to publish twice the same project.

However, there is a problem … Unity3D requests subscription fee for each package, hence it is developer’s choice on which system he/she wants to port it. The vr app I want to submit is cardboard ready and can be instantly port it on anything, one button away. It will be a step backwards if I will publish several versions of the same stuff because in the Unity form ANY developer will have access to the project, whereas in the ported version they will be limited by their subscription level of Unity3D.

Hope it makes sense.

Basically is not same project, because the first pack is an android and the other pack is an ios. Also include inside packs help documents always. Now about this all you write i can’t help you, because i don’t know more details about vr app, cardboard in unity. I hope someone here to help you! : -)