Where to go?

So, I know many authors see the stop of sales in 2020. What do you think to do? Where to go? How to feed your family if you are musician? What to do if you feel hopeless?

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any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Work, work and work again on music.
Well, if it is completely hopeless, then plant cucumbers and tomatoes in a vacation home. :slightly_smiling_face: Other options so far I do not see. Many have problems with work now.


Sure, need to work and do it much harder than years ago. But sometimes seems it’s useless, cuz client just buy on Elements and if you check - almost all the tracks on top with 5$. Elite authors (or feature) are able to afford it, but not other authors.
I just wanted to know are there any variants for musician in these difficult times.

You cannot know for sure.

No wonder they were always there. Allow yourself what? Sell for $5?
Thank you, but I don’t need such a gift of fate. It’s better not to be elite and sell as you sell, than to be dishonored in the general top for $5. :joy:

Have you ever seen super cheap TOP tracks? They do not keep the brand.

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Honnestly, it’s all about hard work, AND looking for opportunity OUTSIDE stock music. SO freelance work, freelance project, build your own business, find customers, make them pay the real price of your work. No sharing cut, not review queue, no rejection. Stock music is just a path to earn skills, money (sometime) and that’s it …
I say it easily but I’m still I’m working everyday in stock music since 2 years,

On a good aspect, my earning just keep to increase almost month after month, but I’m still in hard situation. SO Never give up


Thanx for your reply. It’s cool when u work hard every day and you increase your skills and your profit. But it’s very demotivating when u work hard every day but everything decreasing. Maybe it’s just my personal problem and I need to produce another content.

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You’re welcome, but don’t get me wrong. I’m not successful at all, but I just keep to work despite the mess, and despite the demotivation by looking outside stock music. Mt Stock music earning increase for sure, but I’m pretty sure I won’t earn good money as it was the past as most of you did.

Stock music is not enough steady for me, this is why I’m looking outside

I mean if you have good-selling tracks (feature, weekly top seller etc) you can allow yourself to make some 5$ tracks just to attract new clients. No hate to elite, they deserved it.

In fact, this is a rhetorical question - what to do. Because 2-5 years ago I understood the system - work hard, develop your skills and get more profit, and it was working. What to do now - I cannot understand and unfortunately Envato cannot give any advice.

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