Where to get help with Ultimate Membership Pro & authorize.net

Recently changed my Ultimate membership pro from standard to extended licence. Lost all my previous membership details. But the main problem is that authorize.net seems to no longer be worked (previously it was ok).

The transaction seems to be always pending on the payment history of ultimate membership pro.
Authorize.net does not seem to be getting any transactions (ie there is no declined transactions or even pending)

All the settings are right
I am using plug in version 8.8

I’ve tried putting my own credit card in and there are authorisation issues, picture attached (I’ve removed details)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, not sure where to go from here.

please contact purchased item author and let them know.
How to contact an author:

I’ve contacted them many times through both Envato and direct email, with no answer (azzaroco)

you can post comments in item comments page and ask your query there.