Where to find what's currently trending and best selling on GraphicRiver?

Hello everyone.
How can I find what’s currently trending and best selling on GraphicRiver? I have a seller account for 10 years. At the beginning I had quite good sells, then my account was suspended for a year because I didn’t fulfil Author’s ID check and last month I had it activated again. But now I have no sales and my new works are being rejected :frowning: Maybe something changed when I was not active on GR. Thanks in advance for your tips.

From 2015 ( your last approval item ) to 2023, lots of things changed.

The quality and standards got higher as the trends are changing annually. If you haven’t updated your style and improved yourself, designing like in 2015 is not going to let you to get the items approval.

You can check the latest item on the marketplace to understand the current situation and design trends.

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