Where to find Token for Envato Element wordpress theme?


I subscribed for Envato Element. I downloaded JNews Wordpress Theme from the Envato element website and installed it on my Wordpress site. It asked me to activate the Theme with Token. Can you tell me where to find Token? I did all I could with Token generate page from this link It did not help and I can’t activate the theme.

I felt ripped off once. I bough Envato Element subscription thinking that I can download all Wordpress theme in Envato. But it seemed I can only download Theme from Envato Element website only … not the premium theme from Themeforest. That’s okey it’s my fault for not reading the condition well enough and misunderstood that Envato Element and Themeforest is the same service from Envato. Now I downloaded the Theme from Envato Element and it’s now asking me to put in the Token from Themeforest but the theme listed on Envato Element website???

It’s really confusing here. Please help.

Hi @marchalongkot

If you download the theme from Envato Element then you don’t need envato token to use the theme. because Envato Element don’t provide purchase code and item with Envato Element don’t come with author support and auto update features. just ignore of doing the product license registration step and theme will work fine for you without doing this.