Where to find Tax information for "no US person"?

I’m new and I would like to upload a my plugin of wordpress.
So I think that before to sell that I should complete my profile… I’m italian but I don’t know what should I put inside tax information area… could you help me please?

After that from my Author dashbord, if I click on “Upload an item” i select wordpress but it is for “theme” while I would like to upload a plugin… how could I do?
How many time is needed to do all?
I see that if I sell for 9$ I will recive 5$ and the client pay 21$ is it normal?


Here is non US person tax.

Tax Form Fill up Step By Step Guide.



thank you!
Is possible that in italy the ITIN is equal to the CIF ?
Yes, in italy is the CIF xD

I think ITIN is okay.
I’m not familiar with Italian tax info enough :frowning: