Where to find purchased code - needed for bought item support


Happy customer here with a friendly question.

I need some additional support from a WP theme builder I bought through Envato Elements.
This theme builder asks me for a purchased code in order to help me further.

Where to find my purchased code of the WP theme I bought in Envato Elements?
(my purchased item is not showing up in Themeforest btw, seems logic because it was bought in Elements…)

Thanks for responding.

Best, Robert


Due to the nature of the unlimited subscription, items on Elements do not come with any author support. Please see this Help Article.

For support from the author, you will need to purchase a license for the item directly on ThemeForest if the item is marked as “supported”. Alternatively, you may look for a freelance developer on Envato Studio.


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Thanks for the fast reply, much appreciated.

I was affraid that this would be the answer. People should consider this lack of support, since Elements does provide ‘older WP themes’ and support is often more needed in that case. Items within bundled themes expire easily, so code gets older pretty fast and needs manual updates by their support…

My 2 cents…

No problem! :slight_smile:

While you may not get direct support, you can still download the latest version of the theme while you are subscribed, so if the author releases a compatibility update you will have access to it.


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