where to find its a hard or soft rejected location

i have uploaded my html and css pagination, and themeforest email me that its reject so from where i can check its a soft or hard reject, also i click on Hidden Items in my dashboard but there is nothing mention, please guide me whats the location where can i check rejection notice.


Can you see your Item in Hidden Tab (besides Dashboard Tab). If answer is yes then your Item got Soft rejected otherwise your Item got hard rejected. But both case you should receive email with rejection reason (soft or hard).


every time i try to submit my template themeforest reject it, even i full fill all the requirements, can you give me any idea why its happens ??

Share your demo link if you want feedback - without seeing that it’s impossible to suggest reasons why it’s rejected

full fill all the requirements is the at least qualification to submit the item to get review. Item can get rejected for many reasons as like lack of unique aesthetics design, premuim features, coding style and errors, code validation, resources used in the item …

just created this kind of simple html and css document also i check W3C Standard just before uploading but still rejected

What is it? Pagination counter?

yes only html and css

In which case its far too basic - look on CodeCanyon - I’m not even sure they are still accepting things like this but either way, even items from years ago have multiple variations, styling etc

its not a basic it have very unique design and style while clicking on it. do you mean i submit it on codecanyon ?

It would definitely go on CodeCanyon but you will still need to have a lot more to it

Look here https://codecanyon.net/search/pagination these are items from 2010/2011 which have multiple colours, variations or even extended functionality in some cases

ok Charlie i uploaded files there lets see what happens next :slight_smile:

again rejected without any notice or error/issue pointed, which is no good. at least they need to tel the problem or issue so that we can fixed it :frowning:

There’s no way they can/will give feedback on all submissions. If you get close then they do.

  • Did you include all the necessary parts like documentation, working demo etc?

  • Did you add to it and extend options and functions as suggested above?

  • If there’s only one option as above then, with respect, you have no chance - as per above there are 10 year old items with more on offer and there are hundreds of free alternatives that can be downloaded - it has to have premium value.