Where To Buy Stock Photos For a 360 Degrees Product View

Hi there,
I’m looking to have a WooCommerce 360 degrees product view plugin on my new theme, but the problem is I have to have a product, right? :smiley: Where can I buy stock images of a product that is photographed specifically for this purpose (12-24 photos from different angles)? Is there a free resource I can use?

try here

No, I’m not explaining this right.
See this: http://ithemelandco.com/Plugins/Woocommerce-Product-360-Image/product/product-360-view-brown-chair/
You can rotate the chair to see it from all angles. For this you need images of that chair from all the angles :slight_smile: I need to purchase the images required to make such a 360 image view of a product

I didn’t see this kind of photo envato marketplace before.
I’m not sure it will have on market or not.
wait for reply from more expert then me.

@charlie4282, @hevada, @Enabled, @baileyherbert can you told us this kind of product exist on this market or not.

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