Where the missing files from uploads



Good afternoon colleagues! Can anyone explain why after 10 days of waiting uploads disappear from the file uploads with no explanation, no soft or hard reject, and the files have not been loaded.
They just do not exist in the hidden elements

Who was with the phenomenon?


Check your email spam. Either way soft or hard rejected you would get some form of response even if it were generic.

If you are certain that there is nothing then you need to contact support.

You can always share a link to your demo and the community maybe able to give you an indication of the potential response


In the spam folder no emails rejected. To support wrote, answer not yet.
What is the reason? listen to the demo DEMO


hi buddy, i understand that u do nto feel good but try to take it easy all the same , u have no other choice anyway … good luck i hope everythign gets back on track for yu :wink:


Only today I received all the missing files hard rejected, the moderators are slow, although just because the files uploaded in a different section…greater length than is necessary


Sadly waited 10 days…