Where the favicon is should be stored....

I have had someone develop my site with the Small Business CD Now she added the favicon which is a .png file and it seems to be 426x407px. If I go into the uploads folder I see a cropped icon 512x510px. Now usually the favicon is added via Appearance, Customise and then add site iconā€¦
The problem is it is not showing my faviconā€¦It worked ok with Internet Explorer and Google Chromeā€¦but not Firefox or Opera. Now since adding ssl letsencrypt I only have a favicon in Internet and Google Chrome without sslā€¦
Before the favicon.ico was always in the root map and never caused a problemā€¦but with wordpressā€¦?
Has anyone any advice as how to proceed to have a favicon that worksā€¦?



Contact with your item author with purchase key hope they solved your issue soon
Contact author how to

This is your purchase code find out option:

Or still have any question open Envato Help Ticket


theme authors will definitely help you out with complete support because. You will have support handy if theme is purchased a few days ago.

Instead of filling a complaint at support. Itā€™s best to first please patch up with theme author and ask for the fix.

Thanks guys for the informationā€¦
Much appreciated!