Where SergioProductions, Trigubovich, Micrah are in Envato Elements subscription?

I needed that track, so I purchased a subscription to Envato Elements, but there is NO such track and even author on EnvatoElements! Can anyone find SergioProductions in Envato Elements, not via AudioJungle site?

Also, where are Trigubovich, Micrah?

Why did I spend money on subscription if here is NO these tracks? I see them in AudioJungle, but there is nothing here in EnvatoElements.
Please, help!

Hello! Envato Market and Envato Elements are the different site. If an author sells his tracks on the Market, this doesn’t mean that he also sells them on Elements

Envato Market shows these tracks and also shows Subscription button. So HOW I’m I suppose to know that I won’t find these tracks after I pay for a subscription! Can I get a refund?

You can open Help ticket and let to know Envato support team about your problem

Thank you for replying! An interesting thing, don’t you think:

“You can request a refund here

Opens up a Market Refund, not Element Refund. So, Market says - there’s nothing to refund. Yes, because I need to refund my subscription in Elements!

I’ve created a ticket today 1898187, but I think I chose wrong category (site feedback). But I described everything in that request.

Hope they’ll help you