Where is your profile is the section for open refund requests? So that I can view the damn status or update it? Why is it so difficult to find? This has to be illegal.

Where can you easily find refund requests that you have opened?

So I can view status, update if necessary, and add more info? Is it hidden? I should be able to find it in these sections, but nope I can’t.

Dashboard or Profile or Settings or Hidden Items or Downloads or Reviews or Refunds or Payouts or Earnings or Statements

Where the F*** is it? Jesus. Is it hidden somewhere? It’s not in the god damn refund section. Did it never get recorded? I need a refund of my credits. I’m seriously about to call my credit card company and tell them you guys are hiding important information from customers and selling products where the seller updates it and turns it into a complete different product then what it was described. God damn I regret depositing here. spending any money here. Calling American Express later today if I don’t get this solved.

The seller tells me he removed the 3 important functions on the update. It’s like buying a car and on your next maintenance they take out the brakes, AC, and side view mirrors. Turned into a piece of sh** from a normal car. What’s AMEX’ #tips-and-tricks

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