Where is the updates located for download?


You sent me an email saying that the RECIPE theme had an update. I clicked on the download link and there was nothing in my download area. You’ve done this to me 3 times and there is no one to contact about this.

I contacted the creator and he said th speak to Envato about it. Yeah right. That’s impossible.


Just download the file again as normal and that will be the updated version

That said you have no buyer badge so nothing has been purchased from this account and you will need to login with the one which purchased the file


I did purchase this. I have log in and in my download area it says nothing is here. If I go to purchase again then want to charge me. No need for that. I already paid.
I’d post a screenshot here but I don’t believe we can on this forum because I am a new user. that’s what it said.

basically they emailed me an update to my recipe theme and it takes me to a blank download area.


Try submit a ticket at here then envato staff will sort this for you.


OMG, thank you so much. I’ve been looking for a support area and that’s it. :smiley: