Where is the support email address?

Getting more difficult to do the simplest of things I simply want to ask a question email a question and I spent 20 minutes already logging in and out going to this page, where hell is the support emai? Another thing that’s at issue I get all kinds of EMAIL responses when I do something but not one of these emails that I get has a REAL return email address, you can’t hit reply and actually respond to the email. So fed up, companies making it so difficult to contact them. and I certainly don’t mean just your company’s just seems to be a trend with so many companies nowadays.

my actual problem today is that with the freebie downloads when I click on the link in my email, I log into my Envato account and rather than say it’s a free item that I can select and place in the shopping cart it has an actual price to it and at no point am I my allowed to download it for free

Here is a link:

And there is also the text:

Please do not use the “Add All Items to Cart” button. Kindly click into each item to download the items for free.


I don’t use the “all button”. I DO READ. It is suddenly not working for the couple of months.

What’s the name of the theme you are trying to download?

it can be happend if you try to download previous month free Item in this month. Because free Item always change for each month and the download time schedule based in Australian time. So, for example if you try to download any Item in the last day of the month then you have to check what time and date then in Australia. otherwise free download should work fine. Thanks

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