Where is review/rating option on codecanynon ?

Hello guys,

I just want to find out where is the option review/rating on codecanyon. I asked my buyer to rate my product and he/she says ( I’d be happy to leave a rating/review for you. Where do I do this? ). I am logged in from my author account and cannot find this option. Can anyone help me ??

Thanks in advance

Hey ravishakya,

Buyers can leave ratings and reviews in the ‘Downloads’ section of their account: http://codecanyon.net/downloads

You’ll only see the rate option if you’ve purchased an item. Your buyer should be able to give a rating using the star buttons below the ‘download’ button - a new window will then open up where they can leave a review.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much for your answer.

No worries! Happy to help.