where is my upload

where is uploaded file it has been in queue for almost four days

suddenly its gone today

whats going on

and there is no notification for failure or rejection

pls reply asap

Check your email spam - all items get a reply regardless of decision

If it’s not in your portfolio and has vanished then almost certainly it was rejected

If you share the demo preview here then people can offer feedback

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they send me email “Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Krishna Astami illustration by impress” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

and whats this mean

Means it’s not up to the standard to be sold here and that it was hard rejected.

You will need to create something new and work on improving the level of design and execution as much as possible

It’s hard to give feedback unless you share the demo preview

here is my upload of same in shutterstock

I am not a designer but it feels probably too basic for GR - you would need to offer multiple variations, alternative designs etc

and they approved me this
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do u how many days i spend on creating " krishna illustration"

is it text on illustration problem?

Again i am not a designer but given that your other one has no sales is an indication of the suitability.

Approval is not just about design quality - it has to be suitable to the marketplaces too

too basic Charlie?! lol woooow then a lot of things should not make it but they do lol

hi buddy i like what u have here but to be honest , i will answer your question … the typo is completely ruining your work … here standards and demands are high in terms of typo and let’s face it, at this stage u are very far form standards when it comes to the text part … the thing is that in the first place u have been violating a basic design principle , ie: contrast … your text is close to being unreadable and thus u may even under what is the point of putting a text if this is neither outstanding nor at least easily readable … moreover , the combo of font is not working … and neither is the positioning … as u could understand , at the moment the text part fro u is nothing else but trouble … the second problem that i see is the “commercial potential” of the item as regard to the fact that looks very difficult to edit or to transform in to something else and that the religious value of it is making it even more restrained in my view knowing that this is not in asia that sales are really being working the most in GR …
i guess that the final point is that this is hard to identify that this is krishna being displayed here … i guess u may have stressed a little bit more the identity so that people can more easily identity krishna “at first sight”

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