Where is my Trendsetter item?

First of all: Happy new year everyone and good luck and many sales on Audiojungle!
I have a question:
So I received a trendsetter badge in December according to my profile. Which is great! I love it! The only thing is… I can’t see, which of my items is the trendsetting item…?
There is no little blue flash badge on one of my items and I also can’t see one of my items in the “featured files” category…
Hmmm… is this like it should be or went something wrong…?
Thank you very much for making me smarter…:slight_smile:


you received trendsetter badge in December and I can see trendsetter badge in December in your profile and item page in right sidebar.

If you got trendsetter badge in any item there is no guarantee how much time the item will keep trendsetter badge but your profile will show always trendsetter badge for lifetime.


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Hi @guitar237 !
On a track, it tends to disappear when your track stops buying, viewing, and commenting. But the badge in the portfolio remains forever.

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Ah, ok… Now I understand… I still don’t know, which item it was, but that doesn’t matter too much. I’m happy that I had a trendsetting item anyway! :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for your answers!

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