where is my ThemeForest User?

i want to download/export journal demo 10 but it require ThemeForest User. I don’t know what it is. I try to input my username and my real name many times but it doesn’t work, Right now it shown the error message 'Invalid Purchase Code" even though my Purchase code is correct. Please help me.

Hey there. Interesting issue you’re having. The username is the name that is written at the top of this page near the Sign Out page, the same on the Envato Markets. And the purchase code can be found in your downloads menu. Click the download button then select license.

Are you sure the issue you’re having is not related to the item, have you tried contacting the author of the item in regards with your issue?

There’s an issue with the Envato at the moment (or earlier) While you’re trying to download the demo data, Journal theme needs to check the API at Envato which is/was not available at the moment, That’s why you’re getting an error, not because of you entered wrong your username or purchase code.

Try again later…

thanks it is done.

Glad to have helped! Cheers! :slight_smile: