Where is my music being used?

A little while back, I used to be able to find quite a few videos where my music ended up being used, but just recently, I can’t find any of my tracks with any Company who purchased a Licence. Nothing on Facebook, nothing on YouTube, nothing on Vimeo… just nothing. Surely, not all of my music is being used “in-house”? It’s very frustrating at the moment. I must have followed at least 30-40 Companies, over the last couple of months but have found nothing. Where is my music being used?? :frowning:

Is anyone else experiencing this? :worried:

I have about a 20% success rate for finding the final use of a given track. IMO most of the buyers don’t post their final production videos to the masses. I think they most often complete a job, and then move on to the next one. I find that a lot of media production houses who (had bought my tracks recently) did a lot of posting on youtube or vimeo over a year or two ago, but haven’t done so more recently. Maybe they’re finding limited success in sharing the finished product via these channels. I don’t know…

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You can add a title on your items description:

“Please send me link to your final product with my music”.

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